Things I'm Loving - January

The first month of 2018 has come and gone. I’m going to call this month a practice run and just start 2018 over in February! Honestly, January just flew right past me and most of my resolutions and goals for 2018 just kind of slipped on by without me really digging into them. So, I’m going to take another crack at things in February.

That being said, I did round up a few things that I’ve been loving lately and that I really loved in the month of January.

More specifically, the colours Gray Owl (2137-60 or OC-52) and Gentleman’s Gray (2062-20). I have always been partial to Benjamin Moore paint. I am definitely the most happy with the colour saturation, coverage and just ease of application when working with Benjamin Moore paint colours. Anytime I’ve deviated to a different brand, I haven’t been as happy and I always regret it! 

I spent an extended long weekend in January painting the upper level of our home and I was reminded of how much I love working with this paint line.

I have made BM Gray Owl the primary colour of our home and then thrown in touches of darker gray tones and, most recently, a feature wall in BM Gentleman’s Gray.

I recently discovered the Chris Loves Julia blog – I’m late to the game, I know! Anyway, I love it! I really like their style and I enjoy reading about their projects and being inspired by their ideas. So, when I was setting myself up to paint for a good 4 days, I went in search of some podcasts to listen to – just for a change from always listening to my favourite playlist of music. I searched a lot of different topics and tested out some podcasts, but when I found the Chris Loves Julia podcast, I stayed tuned in!

3.     Faux Florals
I love faux florals! I am not very good at remembering to water my plants and it doesn’t always work to have them placed in ideal spots to maximize direct sunlight. So, faux florals and greenery are my best friend – they live forever without water and can survive even the dimmest of conditions. However, there are different qualities of faux stems and I am quite particular about which ones I’ll allow in my home and use in my home staging projects. I’ve used faux arrangements and succulents in all of my home staging projects this past month – and, generally, every month. They are, actually, always a favourite – but, particularly in January when there is pretty much nothing green outside.

4.     MacBook Air
I am an Apple product girl. I know that you either are or you aren’t – I tried to go the Windows route with a laptop this past year and I had so many problems and “loaner” laptops, etc. that I just went back to my tried and true and purchased a new MacBook Air. This was my big January purchase and I am loving it!

5.     Owl Coffee Mug
Coffee is like life-blood to me – I am a two, sometimes three, cup a day kind of person. I’m also kind of particular about the coffee mugs that I use. I’m all for a pretty mug, but the handle has to be comfortable and it has to hold a decent sized amount of coffee (and by decent, I mean large!). This owl mug is special to me as it was a gift from my late Grandma – but what I like about the mug is the size, the weight, the handle and the fact that it’s an owl. I kind of have a thing for bird and owl décor. (My mug is no longer available, but I've linked one that has all of the features that I love in a coffee mug and also features an owl).

That pretty much sums up the things that I loved in January! What were some of your favourite things this past month?


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