If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly perusing Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your DREAM HOME – you know, that home that you will sometime have in the distant future when you win the lottery and can decorate your whole home in the exact style that you want to. That STYLE that we all dream of without taking into account our kids, our budget, our lifestyle and, did I say budget…

However, it’s not necessary to wait for your dream home or your extensive future budget to make small, but impactful updates in your current home. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to achieve a new and FRESH look with a few SIMPLE and budget-friendly design updates.

This is a new series that I’m going to start here on the blog and I will give you some simple ways to freshen up the style of a different room in your home each week.

I think that this is a perfect series to start right now because most of us are in the Spring-cleaning mood and quick refreshes for your home are just the thing to complement a thorough Spring-cleaning and de-clutter of your home!

This week, I’m going to focus on the BATHROOM.
Here are 5 SIMPLE and budget-friendly tips to give your bathroom a much-needed refresh.

I think that many people underestimate the impact that a fresh coat of paint can make in a room. Paint is one of the easiest ways to modernize or freshen up the look of a room. Just changing the paint can actually make your furniture and accessories look completely different!

I am a huge proponent of NEUTRAL paint colours. Commitment is hard… and committing to a colour is really hard! So, instead, just commit to a neutral and then you can always change up the accessories to bring more colour into the room. This goes for all of the rooms in your home. But, I’m discussing the bathroom right now, so neutrals work great in bathrooms.

If you’re a fan of warmer neutrals – like, you lean more toward beiges, linens, tans, browns, then Benjamin Moore Jute AF-80 or Grant Beige HC-83 may be your perfect tones. Grant Beige is a rich, warm neutral without being too dark and Jute is a more pale, subtle colour.

Soft cool grays are more up my alley, and if they are your preference as well, then take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak OC-20 or Classic Gray 1584. Both are beautiful and will provide a soft, tranquil feel.

Freshening up the trim is also a super important element of painting a room. I, personally, always love a FRESH WHITE TRIM, especially in a bathroom. White trim always looks clean and never goes out of style. However, white paint can be tricky because Benjamin Moore alone has 150 different “white” paint colours! Talk about intimidating! So, don’t be overwhelmed - just take my word for it - two of my favourite trim colours are:
White Dove OC-17 ~ this particular white goes with ALMOST everything. It’s a bit white, a bit cream, and a bit gray. That sounds pretty much like white trim perfection!
Cotton Balls OC-122 ~ this is another white that pairs beautifully with nearly all wall colours. The difference between this one and White Dove is that Cotton Balls doesn’t have the tiny bit of gray.

This is an easy one. Once you’ve determined your colour scheme for the bathroom – you’ve chosen your paint colour and you’ve made sure that it coordinates in tone with the tile and vanity – then you can head out and pick up a fresh new shower curtain and bath mat to complement the new look! Designer tip: stay away from distinct patterns such as florals or stripes. A one colour, NEUTRAL shower curtain and bath mat are the easiest to work with and give a higher-end feel to the overall esthetic of the room. (I personally LOVE white shower curtains (like this one) and bath mats!)

It’s expensive to change out a whole bathroom vanity and many of us have limited budgets. But, don’t fret! There’s a solution for those dated vanities. Updating the hardware makes a world of a difference. In the picture below - just switching out the hardware for some more modern pulls and handles would give the vanity a fresh new take on life! Who would have thought that just changing a drawer pull or replacing a handle could COMPLETELY change the look of a cabinet – but it does! If your vanity still has brass drawer pulls (and not the new modern brass) or has builder’s grade shiny chrome round cabinet handles, switch those babies out! Opt for something with a bit more of a SLEEK look – maybe in a brushed nickel or even a black or an antiqued bronze (this will depend on the overall style of your washroom and colour scheme). If you need help, you can always shoot me an email through my website and we can discuss some choices!

If you have a slightly larger budget, but still can’t afford a new vanity, look at updating your fixtures (faucets, showerheads, etc.). Updating a faucet or getting a fresh new showerhead can make a world of a difference!

LIGHTING is essential in any room – and, if you’re trying to think like a designer and get a more POLISHED look in your bathroom, upgrading the lighting is probably a good place to look. If your bathroom has the standard builder’s grade over the mirror lighting that’s just 4 or 5 round bulbs on a silver or brass plate – think about making a change! There are so many updated versions of this over the mirror style of lighting that would really make a huge difference toward freshening up the feel of your bathroom. Plus, if you’re also planning to paint and you have an inclination towards electrical (or you happen to know a handy electrician) you can even change the placement and type of lighting and go for sconces or pendant lighting – the options are ENDLESS, and they don’t have to be expensive! There are lots of great lighting options at reasonable prices.

Finally, the most inexpensive, but sometimes most difficult and time-consuming refresh – CLEAR THE CLUTTER! Be ruthless. Go through all of your toiletries and cleaning products and any items that you store in the bathroom. What haven’t you used in the past 6 months to 1 year? Do you have expired items? Are there things that you keep around, but don’t really love? Get rid of them! Pare down your items so that your bathroom drawers and cabinets are ORGANIZED and TIDY. You should be able to see what you have, so that you can use what you have. While this is a change that the outside person won’t really see, and it won’t make it into a photo on Houzz – but it’s a change that you’ll notice, and it will make you feel LIGHTER and give you a fresh take on your bathroom.

BONUS DESIGNER TIP: Buy some fresh white hand towels. Using white hand towels and having white bath towels hanging on your bathroom towel rack always adds a designer touch!



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