Happy Sunday! Just a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner – exactly one week from today. Don’t stress if you didn’t remember or if you just haven’t been able to nail down that perfect gift for the Mom in your life. I have some amazing ideas to gift Mom next Sunday – ALL things that I would LOVE to be gifted myself – so, they must be good!

Rigo Décor Brass twist  Home décor is having a moment with brass right now and this sculptural piece is the perfect addition to any living room or office space. This double helix sculpture goes with many different décor styles and would look amazing on a coffee table, a desk, a shelf, a mantle…

Ruthie Velvet Floor Pillows  These floor pillows are soft and cozy and look great layered on the floor for extra seating. I’ve seen them used as the cutest dog beds. Soft, plush and oversized and in the prettiest colours to coordinate with most sitting areas. I would love to have at least 1 or 2 of these in my home for extra padding when I’m required to sit on the floor and build LEGO, play cars or enjoy an indoor picnic!

That’s What She Said  Every woman needs a good coffee table book that can serve as a conversation piece. This book is full of really neat watercolour pictures and wise words from influential women. A beautiful addition to any coffee table and sure-fire way to break the ice with guests.

Wooden Bead Garland  I’ve been noticing these wooden bead garlands popping up all over the place in home décor and I’m loving them! The natural wood and the oversized beads looped artistically on trays, mantles, shelves. It’s a little bit farmhouse chic but can transition to many other styles as well.

Ox Art Print  An art print is a perfect gift for any Mom – and this Ox print is just so unique and cute! I LOVE it!

Shearling Slippers  I had to include these pretty shearling slippers in this gift guide. I would absolutely love to receive these myself – so, I’m sure a lot of other Moms would as well. What really drew me to these slippers was the colour – that is the prettiest blush pink shearling EVER – but I also really like these because they won’t be too hot on your feet since your toes can peak out. Perfection!

Trinket Dish  Every Mom needs a trinket dish or two in her life. Beside the bed, in the washroom, by the kitchen sink – anywhere that she might be removing jewellery. These dishes are so just so sweet with the metallic splatter and a really reasonable price too.

Silk Pillowcase  A silk pillowcase is the perfect way to pamper Mom. These pillowcases are anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, and anti-bed head. Bring on the beauty sleep!

Velvet Ottoman  Ottomans are a great addition to any living space. Footstool, extra seat or just pretty accent, these little multi-taskers do the trick in many different spaces. This one is velvet tufted, which is my favourite at the moment.

Faux Greenery  I really love greenery in a home. However, I am terrible at keeping plants alive – remembering to water them is hard… So, a good faux plant or tree is the perfect solution for me and for most busy Moms, I think! If you feel like your room is just missing something – try a plant – it almost always solves the problem.

I hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend so far and that you’ve been inspired with some ideas for Mom. Happy Shopping!

~ xo Erin


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