I want to share one of my favourite decor items - the TRAY. 

Trays have always been traditionally used for serving, but, more recently, trays have become a decorative element. A tray is like a functional decoration in a space. 

If you need to group items together, use a tray. If items need to be contained in a space area, use a tray. If you have a space that isn't perfect for setting a coffee mug on a glass of water, say like an ottoman or a pouf, set a tray on top and voila - you have a make-shift table with a flat and functional surface!

Trays are the perfect way to help you form a grouping of decorative elements - groupings, generally, always add a finishing touch to a room. So, if you're unsure about how to group things together or how to space them, find a tray that complements your style and place a grouping of items inside that tray. Instant designer's touch!

You can even see, from the photo above, that a tray doesn't even always need to have sides or handles. Using a log slab provides the same effect as a tray or you could use a flat plate or basket, etc. Anything that provides a flat surface and allows for a grouping of items to be housed within its edges - and could also function as a place to set a drink or small appetizer plate!

A classic example that you will find in my home is the tray pictured above - we use fabric ottomans in our house because I have rambunctious boys that need as many soft corners as I can provide them. However, upholstered ottomans are not great as a space to set a drink or a snack - so, I ALWAYS have a tray sitting on our ottomans. Another tip that I use often is to house a faux book on the tray - this one opens up to provide a space to organize our clutter - think remote controls, coasters, etc.

Trays provide the perfect home for ORGANIZED CLUTTER. And let me tell you, this is like the story of my life - Organized Clutter! Hence, my love for the tray.

Some great options for trays to house your clutter:


Does anyone else need a way to organize their clutter? Have you discovered any ways to group your decor that doesn't include a tray? Let me know! I'm always looking for new ways to display my decorative items.


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