One of the best seasons of the year is upon us, it's not a real season, but it's definitely a yearly occurrence to get excited about... the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!

It's the sale where the new fall and winter picks for the upcoming seasons are on sale, before the season actually even starts. Like what other store does that?! None that I can think of - which is amazing! And it means you can get your whole fall and winter wardrobe for yourself and your home on sale, right now.

The sale opened to the general public today - and, let me tell you, you better jump on these sale items and just pull the trigger if you want it because nothing lasts long during this sale. Items sell out ridiculously fast, so if you like it, buy it, you can always return it. ;-)

Because this sale is crazy and there are SO MANY things on sale, it's a bit overwhelming. So, I've done the leg-work for you! I've rounded up my top picks for HOME and also for fall/winter WARDROBE for you and there are some awesome pieces and amazing deals right now, guys.

First off, let's start with the HOME picks:

Alright, so we've got your home covered, now let's look at some ideas for a wardrobe refresher! Now, you guys all know, I'm a mom and I'm an business owner. So, I've kind of married those two elements into my personal style. I'm pretty much all about comfort, but I still want to look put together and presentable for meetings and design consultations. These are my picks for a business casual wardrobe, with a few weekend comfy pieces thrown in for good measure (because I can't get through life without leggings and slip-ons...)!

And I almost forgot this gem - but you need to jump on this - it's like the softest, most comfy plaid ever, but can be dressed up for work. I LOVE...

Are you guys planning to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?



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